Building process

The Barefoot Nicaragua Contractors step by step process:

1)    Contact us with your idea, lot location and desired square footage for a free consultation.

2)    Email us a plan from your architect or sketch of your desired structure.*

3) Discuss budget, timeline and initial infrastructure (ie. water source, electricity, etc).

4) Purchase your finalized plan of your property, if necessary, and your permits.

5)    You are ready to build your house!   Next step, a wire transfer of 30% so the first delivery of building materials can be purchased and we can get to work.

6)    The next installments will be requested as the building process proceeds and materials are needed.

7) You will receive weekly photos and videos of the progress of your home until it’s finished!


*If you don’t have a design or professional blueprints, and don’t have a general architect at home, we can have a basic floor plan and rendering made for $500 USD and /or legitimate professional blueprints done for $13 per square meter .


Email us for a free consultation today!