David’s Foundation Final Video

Final foundation video of what Barefoot Builders have done up to now. Plumbing roughed in, driveway ramp for garage, beginning of exterior staircase, patio stairs, anti-seismic deep foundation, horizontal vegas, poured floor, sunken bathroom, caja de registro, two tank septic system, four tube manifold 6mt each leech field, domestic water systems (i.e. well and holding […]

David’s Q & A’s

A video answer session for David’s questions regarding his foundation on his property in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.

David’s Pre-foundation pour

An overview video of the build so far, and where the foundation will lie with images of the pre construction work such as rebar columns and forms and a display of all the building materials necessary to get started.  

David’s house placement

A video description of David’s property with placement ideals for his self designed house and bodega (storage shed) after the initial infrastructure is set. David’s house is located in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua about a five minute walk from the beach and surf.

David’s Infrastructure IN

David’s lot is primed and ready to go to begin construction on his house that he designed himself.  Located in Prana del Sol, just steps away from the beach in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, David has collaborated with Barefoot Builders on his creative cottage ideas.  Barefoot builders put in the septic system, water piping, water tank […]

Groundbreaking at David’s!

David, a fine English- Canadian has big dreams for his woodland lot in the Prana del Sol community in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.  Designed by himself, this two story, tree-top cottage will be the perfect get-away from cold Canadian winters.   The boys at Barefoot Builders broke ground last week and are installing all the necessary […]