Custom Bunk Beds

Brian & Esme’s Casa Laguna

A perfect mix of modern and retro was the final outcome of Brian and Esme’s house near the lagoon in Gigante, and a game changer in the overall look of a fishing village.  It really has been an interesting and rewarding ride; creating the concept together, dealing with the environmental setbacks, and ultimately communicating thousands […]

Barefoot Portfolio

Brian’s House Final Stages

Brian’s Lagoon Sanctuary is in it’s final stages with only a fresh coat of paint, the finish of a beautiful Nicaraguan hard wood deck and landscaping to go! The house resides in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua and was custom built by Barefoot Builders Nicaragua.

Tile, Ceilings and Deck!

This video shows A three quarter completed view of Brian’s Lagoon Sanctuary as we move into the final stages with the fun part of natural Nicaraguan hard wood accents and finishing work.

Brian & Fam visit Gigante

Brian and Esme, with kids in tow, spent a week in Nicaragua checking out their new house and meeting the builders who made it all possible. They hosted a BBQ for the workers on site on Friday afternoon after work, and the boys were beyond thrilled for the free beer and hot dogs. Earlier in […]

Roof & Walls up… moving forward

After our grand hiccup with the land issues and crab sanctuary, we compromised with the mayor and lifted the house of the ground, sure to let the crabs run free. This expense or time was not expected in the original quote, but it sure give the house a good energy and nice a cool temperature […]

The Halloween Crab Habitat

Brian’s three bedroom home is being built for his family to stay on surf trips and for rentals the rest of the year. Built near the lagoon, Brian’s place is just a short distance from town nestled under the big Seiba trees for good shade in the Nicaragua sunshine. We went through a bit of […]