Building in Nicaragua

We know it’s a tough one… anyone who has even tried the smallest building project here in Nicaragua knows the tedious task of driving to Rivas or Managua, scouring through different small hardware stores looking for that one specific thing that they probably don’t have.  Home Depot is just a dream of the future here and you absolutely need good hard earned Nicaragua experience to get any structure built in a timely, efficient manner with a quality finish.  We are masters at troubleshooting, garnered our experience with our own projects years ago, and after mastering the system we now get to focus on the fun and exciting task of innovative building solutions in Nicaragua with our experienced local teams beside us.


We hand pick our subcontractors and have developed an extensive quality checklist for each sub-contractor that will help everyone involved produce a quality job.  Our goal is to guarantee our clients receive the attention to detail and unmatched customer service that they should have when building something as intimate as a home, especially from far away.  We are the quality control, caring for your house every step of the way and handcrafting the finishing work ourselves.

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