Custom Bunk Beds

David’s Infrastructure IN

David’s lot is primed and ready to go to begin construction on his house that he designed himself.  Located in Prana del Sol, just steps away from the beach in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, David has collaborated with Barefoot Builders on his creative cottage ideas.  Barefoot builders put in the septic system, water piping, water tank […]

Prana del Sol Phase 1

The small community with several lots, Prana del Sol, located in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua has banded it’s members together to help fix the road adjoining all the properties. Barefoot Builders took on the task of putting in gutters to the existing drains to help keep the rainfall water flowing in the right places.

Brian & Esme’s Casa Laguna

A perfect mix of modern and retro was the final outcome of Brian and Esme’s house near the lagoon in Gigante, and a game changer in the overall look of a fishing village.  It really has been an interesting and rewarding ride; creating the concept together, dealing with the environmental setbacks, and ultimately communicating thousands […]

Groundbreaking at David’s!

David, a fine English- Canadian has big dreams for his woodland lot in the Prana del Sol community in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.  Designed by himself, this two story, tree-top cottage will be the perfect get-away from cold Canadian winters.   The boys at Barefoot Builders broke ground last week and are installing all the necessary […]

Barefoot Portfolio

Marc’s Wall – midway update

Watch this video to see the progress on Marc’s wall, the materials they used for the stone work and the calculated mindset behind building three walls around a property.  This video was shot midway through the wall construction and we hope you look forward for the finished product to follow.

Brian’s House Final Stages

Brian’s Lagoon Sanctuary is in it’s final stages with only a fresh coat of paint, the finish of a beautiful Nicaraguan hard wood deck and landscaping to go! The house resides in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua and was custom built by Barefoot Builders Nicaragua.

Jungle Retreat Nicaragua Video

Check out this video of Barefoot Builder’s finished house tucked back into the jungle in the Prana del Sol community of Playa Gigante, Nicaragua!

Jungle retreat Final Photos

Nicole, Jolyon and Leah all went in together a sweet little piece of property in the Prana del sol development in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua. To use as their vacation digs whenever any one of them came back down to Nicaragua, they needed a big communal space for entertaining and wanted a relatively open design to […]