Groundbreaking at David’s!

David, a fine English- Canadian has big dreams for his woodland lot in the Prana del Sol community in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.  Designed by himself, this two story, tree-top cottage will be the perfect get-away from cold Canadian winters.   The boys at Barefoot Builders broke ground last week and are installing all the necessary infrastructure for the build, including a septic system, house foundation, building pad, plumbing, and even a tree top water tank nestled high in the crest of a native tree next to the river for good gravity flow and water pressure.

septic system David's nicaragua
Here are the deep holding cells for the septic system and plumbing to all be hidden under David’s yard.

mounds of dirt at davids
Mounds of what the locals call “cascajo” rests in David’s yard, ready to be added as a building pad for his house.

marcos digging
Barefoot Builders veteran, Marcos, digs perfect trenches for the septic system. Marcos started as an ayudante (helper) and worked his way up to Foreman on Ben’s job site. Go Marcos!

tree house tank platform
An innovative way to store your water, the boys at Barefoot created a tree house instead of a metal eye sore tower, to hold David’s water tank and still give him good water pressure and available gravity fed water during power outages.

water tank platform
Here is the water tank platform itself, suspended high above the ground and naturally stuck in the tree without the use of damaging wires or nails.

worker bodega
The job site as it is, with a custom built worker bodega (storage shed) for all David’s materials to stay dry and safe and our old fashioned cement mixer that is essential out here where cement trucks don’t exist!

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