Roof & Walls up… moving forward

After our grand hiccup with the land issues and crab sanctuary, we compromised with the mayor and lifted the house of the ground, sure to let the crabs run free. This expense or time was not expected in the original quote, but it sure give the house a good energy and nice a cool temperature inside. With three spacious rooms, a vaulted ceiling dining and living room area flanked by beautiful natural light attached to a gorgeous hard wood deck, Brian’s house will surely be the go-to for entertaining. Happy with the crew and their progress, we unfortunately still won’t be finished by the time Brian and his family arrives. It is however, very close, and we are extremely excited for the finished product.


Wetting down the walls to make the finish smooth

Mike checking the line

Welcome Mike “Gimme” Gimmeson to the Barefoot Builder’s family! (He was part of the original idea and name anyway, and after many building projects in Nicaragua, he finally made the permanent move down!

Inside Brian's house

Finishing the walls and kitchen structures on the inside of the house

Mike and Ben

Mike and Ben gear up to put the deck on outside

Mike and Ben sketch

Mike and Ben sketch out the roof for the bodega (shed)