The Halloween Crab Habitat

Brian’s three bedroom home is being built for his family to stay on surf trips and for rentals the rest of the year. Built near the lagoon, Brian’s place is just a short distance from town nestled under the big Seiba trees for good shade in the Nicaragua sunshine.

Gecarcinus quadratus, known as the red land crab, whitespot crab, Halloween crab, moon crab, mouthless crab or harlequin land crab, is a colourful land crab from the family Gecarcinidae.

We went through a bit of a struggle in getting building permits for the land, as it was originally bordered onto the mangroves, a natural habitat for Halloween crabs, the purple and orange crawly creatures you see around here. Marena, the environmental protection organization for Nicaragua, finally agreed that if the house was built on stilts, that it wouldn’t be disturbing the outskirts of the mangroves.

We’ve seen no signs of herds (do they roam in herds?) of crabs crawling in the area, but Marena is not one to be messed with and the house will cool naturally now with nice air flow underneath and a view of the lagoon.

The home site marked off and ready to begin.


Ben bringing in the new load of rebar columns


We had to dig fifteen foot holes for the foundation of the rebar columns to lift the house off of the crab sanctuary