Jungle house walls go up

We’ve got the walls up and windows framed in at Nicole’s, built with brick and mudded over and the roof is going on as we speak. We chose just zinc to cover the roof instead of clay tile or a material called “Nicalit” which is a plastic roofing that emulates clay tile. The reason for the simple silver zinc were the thoughts of a possible second story after the owners come spend some time in the house to get a feel for it. We built it with the possible addition in mind.

The porch is held up by three beautiful Nicaraguan hard wood logs that were just freshly sanded and waiting for a coat of varnish. The idea was to mix media’s of concrete, hard wood and iron to create a nice contrast of colors and textures, and put a modern spin on a classic tropical home.

The second building on the property is a bodega (shed) to hold Nicole’s surf boards and for storage when they head back to Canada. It’s beautiful doors are made of Nicaraguan Laurel, a local hard wood tree, and held in by black iron for added security.


The skeleton of the house with the open air front deck as the main comfort zone and a large window to the kitchen complete with hard wood bar


We used plywood for ceiling with a nice hard wood rafter trimmed out with extra bamboo.


The shell of the bedroom, left with exposed brick to be sealed later


A larger than life kitchen with plenty of natural light and built in cement counters and deep cement sink basin